Romanian Windfarm Takes "Europe's Largest" Title Away From Scotland

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The likely short-lived record holding wind farm will be located north of Constanta, Romania, about 10 miles inland from the Black Sea. Photo: Martin Solli

Before anyone jumps on the Europe's largest claim, pulling another planned project out of their "Gotcha!" hat, let's be clear that the project I'm about to describe is only claimed to be the largest fully-permitted windfarm in Europe. Moving on...

Czech utility CEZ Group has announced that it has purchased two adjacent as-yet unbuilt windfarms in Romania from Continental Wind Partners. Taken together, the Fantanele and Cogealac windfarms will have a capacity of 600 megawatts. CEZ says that this is twice the size of the next fully permitted wind project in Europe, and more than three times the size of Europe's largest operating wind farm. Two-stage Development, One Billion in Investment
Located about 17 kilometers from the Black Sea, north of Constanta, the first stage of the project will see installation of 347.5 megawatts of turbines, and will be operational by the end of 2009. The second stage, completing the project, will be operational by the end of 2010. Construction will begin next month. Total investment in the project by CEZ will be €1.1 billion ($1.62 billion).

CEZ says that the project will represent nearly 30% of the entire renewable market in Romania and will drastically increase its wind power capacity from today's mere 7 megawatts.

Currently, CEZ has between 150-220 MW of wind capacity in development in the Czech Republic and plans to have 1,000 MW online by 2020.

Wind Power Records Keep Falling
Slightly over a month ago, the Clyde Windfarm in Scotland laid claim to the Europe's largest crown. With the current pace of change in the global wind industry, "largest" claims seem to fall increasingly quickly.

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