Robert Redford: Utah's Renewable Energy Opportunity is Vast

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Robert Redford may be opposed to a new green housing development in Napa—and for what it's worth his objections are sound on the siting of the project—but in a recent opinion piece for the Salt Lake Tribune, he makes the case for expanding renewable energy generation in Utah. Check it out, the overall point made is valid no matter where you live:
Dollar for dollar, investing in clean energy creates more jobs than investing in traditional energy sources like oil and gas. That really matters, especially when you consider that more than 30,000 Utah workers lost their jobs last year.

We've got tens of thousands of windy acres here in Utah, sites for geothermal energy abound, and the southern part of the state has tremendous potential for solar power. We will have to carefully pick renewable energy sites that don't endanger critical habitat and wilderness-quality land, but the opportunity is vast. [...]

So how can we jump start a home-grown clean-energy economy?

Right now Congress is working on a landmark clean-energy jobs plan that would boost the amount of wind, solar and other clean energy our country produces. The American Clean Energy and Security Act will also make our vehicles, appliances and buildings more efficient, and update our antiquated electricity grid.[...]

It's true that the economic and environmental challenges we confront are serious. But Americans have never encountered a challenge of any kind that we couldn't overcome by working together and applying our ingenuity.

That is what we need to do right now. The only missing ingredient is a spirit of innovation, cooperation and resolve amongst our political leaders. From the copper-domed Capitol in Salt Lake City to the halls of power in Washington, our leaders need to reconsider their allegiance to the dirty-fuels industry, stop their bickering, and act boldly to move America toward a new energy economy.

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