Rhode Island Winds Report Finds 10 Possible Areas for Wind Farms


Because we offset our electricity each month through our local electric company, we receive quarterly newsletters that incorporate the latest in alternative energy around Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. In the most recent one, results were printed from the Rhode Island Winds report, commissioned by the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources. The report noted that after taking a close look and the wind speeds at various heights, water depth, shipping lands, eelgrass beds and other constraints, there are 10 possible areas in Rhode Island for state-sponsored offshore wind farms. And a wind farm at any of these sites could produce enough wind to meet Governor Donald Carcieri’s goal of producing enough electricity to meet 15% of the state’s demand. Many environmental and business leaders around the state support the concept, according to the newsletter, and the Commissioner of Energy Resources for Rhode Island announced that he would be releasing the report in addition to setting up a stakeholder process to help choose the most suitable site. Via ::New England GreenStart

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