Renewables Sector Sees Massive Jobs Growth

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Image credit: twicepix, used under Creative Commons license.

We've seen reports before that switching to renewables could create 2.7 million jobs, and might create a whole new wave of green-collar employment, but it's only now that nations around the world are getting serious about renewables that we'll really see whether clean energy can really deliver the job growth that's been promised. One report just out suggests that the early signs are good, with wind and tidal energy companies in the UK seeing a doubling in employment in just a few short years. James Murray over at Business Green reports that the UK renewables sector has undergone a massive jobs bonanza in the last three years. Specifically, according to a report from Warwick University's Institute for Employment Research, companies in tidal-power, and onshore- offshore-wind have seen a jump in employees from 4,800 in 2007/8 to over 10,800 in 2009/10.

Interestingly, the report doesn't seem to include solar—despite the fact that the new feed-in tariffs have created rapid expansion and hiring in solar energy companies too.

What with ethical consumerism bucking the recession, overall fuel and power consumption falling due to tough economic times, and prospects for clean tech investing looking healthy, it seems like the recession hasn't been all bad news as far as the environment is concerned.

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