Renewable Energy Wall Map

If Treehugger had a 'situation room' where we planned our world dominance, this map would have a place of honor on our cork lined, rammed earth walls, right nest to our bamboo chairs. I imagine we would use biodegradable thumb tacks to plot out our every move - but until we can get that project off the ground, the renewable energy map will probably remain a dream gift (take note those of you buying me gifts). Because while the map provides a visual reference for how alternative energy is progressing in the United States, at $475 it is not for the light of pocket. The map displays existing as well as future renewable energy projects. It also gives a comprehensive glance at the available wind natural resources and transmission infrastructure (there are inserts for solar and geothermal power). But I might wait for an entire world map of energy resources- because really, world domination requires a world map. Size: 48" x 92", Data year: 2005 ::Global Energy Decisions World Map