Renewable Energy Promotion Center Established in Egypt

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We’ve written before about the enormous solar potential of North Africa. In an effort to tap into that potential, a new renewable energy promotion and research center has opened near near Cairo.

Significant funding from European Agencies
The Regional Centre for Excellence for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency was open last week in Nasser City. The $30 million center received financial support in the form of grants from the European Union and the EU Commission in Egypt, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, and the Danish Development Agency. The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Energy contributed $6.3 million of its own funds.

Renewable energy training, research, promtion
The center intends to carry out research for solar and wind energy projects, as well as provide consultancy services for the public and private sector, and running training programs to expand renewable energy around the region.

In addition to Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen will be involved in the governing process of the center.

It may be some time before the necessary transmission or energy storage infrastructure is in place for the Sahara to power the world, but this center may move the region one step down the road to making that a reality.

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