Renewable Energy Production May Overtake Nuclear Power This Year In US

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It still may be a relatively small amount of the total US energy supply inasmuch as the shift to clean energy still has a long way to go, but new data from the Energy Information Agency shows that in 2010 all renewable energy sources combined produced roughly 11% of total primary energy supply. That's just as much as nuclear power. And as Climate Progress points out, renewables will likely overtake nuclear power in the US later this year:

Since 2007, nuclear power has been flat while renewable resources have delivered 22% more primary energy.  So, again, it's entirely possible if not likely that renewables will deliver more primary production than nuclear sometime this year -- and once they do pass nukes, renewables will stay almost certainly stay ahead throughout this century, given that their costs are declining, unlike nuclear.

Good stuff. Even if the road ahead is long.

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