Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency are Enough to Fully Power Michigan's Future: NRDC Report

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photo: No Trams to Lime Street via flickr

Lest you have doubts that renewable energy won't be able to take over from fossil fuels: A new report from NRDC looks at future energy usage in Michigan and comes to the conclusion that through a combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements, the state can easily meet future power needs:Energy Efficiency Could Save State $3 Billion by 2030
The report, A Green Energy Alternative for Michigan, was written by Synapse Energy Economic for NRDC and shows that simply making energy efficiency improvements to offset fossil fuel usage the state could save $3 billion over the next 20 years. Fully developing the state's renewable energy potential of 27,000 GWh of power from renewable energy could make up the gap, the report also said.

Though state-specific, the report's main message really has applications across the nation and is one which needs to continue to be stated:

Benefits of Renewable Energy Easily Outweigh Costs
Renewable energy creates jobs in manufacture and installation that are more difficult to outsource than other jobs. The same goes for jobs making energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses.

All of these lead to lower energy costs and more money potentially staying in local communities and businesses.

Read the full report here: A Green Energy Alternative for Michigan
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