Renewable Energy Begun to be Embraced by India's Hindu Temples

Tirumala Temple photo

Tirumala temple photo by SJ Jagadeesh

I’ve often thought that way for eco-consciousness to really become ingrained in people’s lives is for it to be truly adopted by the major faiths of the world—for the interconnectedness of all life to be impressed upon everyone from a young age. Such a belief is already the foundation of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism so when Time recently ran an article about how India’s Hindu temples are increasingly embracing green ethics, it seemed a perfectly natural match.

Tirumala Temple Replaces Diesel With Solar
As example of this Time cites Tirumala Temple in Andhra Pradesh which by some estimates is the most visited pilgrimage location in the world with over 50,000 pilgrims visiting daily, and how it has been using solar cooking technology to reduce its carbon footprint. As the temple’s communal kitchen cooks 30,000 meals per day this move has resulted in a large reduction in the amount of diesel fuel which was previously used to run generators.

Renewable Energy Seen as Spiritually Positive
Time describes the natural link between Hindu spirituality and environmentalism and how this is addressing India’s lackluster environmental practice heretofore:

Religious groups, keen to marry spirituality with sustainability, are leading the push to reverse that trend. Deepak Gadhia, founder of Gadhia Solar Energy Systems, which provided solar cooking technology to Tirumala temple, says more and more religious organizations have approached him in recent years. "With most businesses, the first question is of economics," he says, "But spiritual organizations look at larger issues. They want energy that is spiritually positive."

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