Ramp Creates Power as Cars Pass (Or Does It?)


A British company spent a million quid developing and building this "Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp" -"The Ramp operates by virtue of a number of articulated plates placed in the road. When vehicles weight is exerted on the plates they are moved up and down and by means of a specially designed and developed mechanism, a generator is driven, which is capable of producing AC current at 50 cycles or DC current.. The generators output will vary according to the frequency and weight of the traffic, but in general terms will be capable of producing between 5 and 10kW."

Now our high-school physics is a bit rusty, but we do remember some rule about conservation of energy. Is this device doing anything at all besides inefficiently converting gasoline (fuelling the cars) into very expensive electricity? Someone help us out here. ::Hughes Research via ::WWMNA