Quote of the Day: Why America Needs to Free Itself From Oil

gulf war jets over kuwait photo

Veteran Jonathan Powers writes in CNN about how the U.S. thirst for oil threatens its economic and national security.
This year, as Americans across the nation celebrate July Fourth with barbecues and fireworks, those most responsible for defending our independence, the military, will continue to fight two wars. And it is a shame that we will let yet another July Fourth pass us by without making substantial progress toward ending our unnecessary dependence on oil, a dependence that is funding the bullets that our enemies fire at our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates, in clear and often painful terms, just how unreliable our energy sources have become. We are forced to drill to the deepest depths of the ocean, to despoil the richness of our God-given natural treasures, and to rely on dangerously uncontrollable technologies.

It is time for us to stand on our own -- to take control of our energy -- with sources that will not threaten our security, fund our enemies or force us to ignore our values. The long struggle to live up to the challenge of our values has always been difficult, but today we stand at a clear crossroads between moving beyond oil or prolonging our dependence on it.

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