Quote of the Day: What's So Funny About Wind Power?

turbines on brooklyn bridge photo

All the media are making fun of Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to put turbines on New York buildings, covered by Matthew here. The Times noted that New York used to have them when it was Dutch and asks "Who knows what else he'll come up with, Have everyone walking around in wooden shoes and eating chocolate?" The Daily News put an intern to work photoshopping turbines on famous structures around town. Why the joke? Perhaps Alec Appelbaum at Metropolis has figured it out.

"Bloomberg has touched a nerve. What is crazy is pretending this 350-year-old city can keep running on splintering electric lines from as far away as Ohio or from antiquated power plants in Queens. When we make jokes about how outlandish it is, are we mocking the mayor for hubris? Are we laughing because the mayor has dared us to admit how scared we are to keep driving blind into the future?" Metropolis
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