Quote of the Day from 1953: Why No Sun Power?

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Artist and thinker at Mechanix Illustrated Frank Tinsley asked, in 1953, why there was so much investment in nuclear and so little in solar.

The American public has been largely oversold on the possibilities of atomic power generation. As the technical difficulties and radiation dangers of nuclear power plants gradually come to light, even the experts are beginning to cool off. Solar power on the other hand presents no such headaches....
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Its development problems are comparatively simple and its costs but a fraction of the tremendous atomic outlays. Moreover, the world's supply of usable uranium is definitely limited. Sunlight, however, will last as long as our solar system. It will still be with us long after our last uranium has fissed.

As former Secretary of the Interior, Julius A. Krug remarked, "Congress would do well to appropriate a few hundred million dollars to find new sources of energy." High on the list he placed the development of power by solar heat.

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