Quote of the Day: Don Blankenship on the Thin Edge of the Wedge

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Don Blankenship of Massey Energy meets the Press

Don Blankenship, mover of mountains and CEO of Massey Energy, doesn't think much of environmentalists ("The greeniacs are taking over the world") or cutting back on CO2, but then he runs a coal company so what else is he going to say. What is really interesting are his thoughts on what happens when you turn down your thermostat:

Turn down your thermostats? Buy a smaller car? Conserve? I have spent quite a bit of time in Russia and China, and that's the first stage. You go from having your own car to carpooling to riding the bus to mass transit. You eventually get to where you're walking. You go from your own apartment and bathroom to sharing kitchens with four families. That's what socialism and the elimination of capitalism and free enterprise is all about."

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He thinks moutaintop removal and burning coal actually HELPS the environment:

"Most people wouldn't believe that coal is the most important thing to the environment."

But coal produces electricity, he argued, and that improves the quality of life. "Anywhere you go, low cost electricity, the creation of energy, of jobs, of an economy, ultimately leads to an improvement in the environment. There is no place in the world that has a good environment where people live on two dollars a day with no electricity."

George Orwell couldn't write better Newspeak. Coal is Dirty

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