Queensland Says Nuts to Renewable Energy


Yesterday we reported on an alternative energy plant that will run on bananas. It reminded me of a story I’d seen years ago, regarding a co-generation power plant that was fed with the shells of macadamia nuts. Hunting through my files eventually unearthed the piece, from a print magazine now known as Waste Streams. According to Queensland’s Ergon Energy the facility was set up to convert nearly 1,700 kg of waste shells into 1.5MW of electricity every hour. 20% of this was to be channelled to the factory of the world’s third largest macadamia producer, with the remainder going into the national grid. It was anticipated that the plant would eventually 150 farms supplying 10,000 tonnes of macadamias annually. An Ergon Energy spokeperson suggested that the greenhouse gas reduction would be equivalent to taking 2,000 cars off the road each year. She further added “This project is very exciting because it could be replicated across a range of other industries, including sugar, peanut, timber, wheat and grain processing, where waste streams could generate heat, electricity and revenue." ::Ergon Energy.