Queen of England Buys World's Biggest Wind Turbine (7.5 Megawatts!)

Clipper Wind Turbine photo

World's Biggest Wind Turbine
The Crown Estate of England knows which way the wind blows and has decided to acquire the prototype of the world's biggest wind turbine, Clipper's 7.5 megawatt MBE turbine, also known as the Britannia (pictured above is Clipper's Liberty model, which produces 2.5 megawatt).

The previous record was held by the Enercon E-126 wind turbine which is rated at 6 megawatt (pictured below), but can produce around 7 in real world conditions. While the Enercon is land-based, the Britannia will be located in deep waters near the UK. This makes sense because the marine interests of The Crown Estate include almost the entire UK territorial seabed out to 12 nautical miles , about 55% of the UK's coastal foreshore, and rights to lease seabed for the generation of renewable energy on the continental shelf within the Renewable Energy Zone which extends out to approximately 200 nautical miles..

Enercon E-126 Wind Turbine photo

Why is the Queen Interested in Wind Power?
Rob Hastings, Director of the Marine Estates at The Crown Estate, said:

"We believe that our support for the Britannia project, through the acquisition of this purposely designed new generation offshore turbine project, will drive forward the development of turbine technology designed for the challenges of the offshore environment. This is an important step in the future of offshore wind and a great opportunity to help establish a new industrial base of activity to advance the UK's leadership in renewable energy."

Of course, it's probably also a good financial investment. We're not the biggest fans of monarchy, but we'd rather see wind turbines than Rolls Royces.

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