Promoting Efficiency, Not Alternative Fuels

After our rant about the drive to subsidize coal to liquid technology at whatever cost to the environment, we started writing about another article in the New York Times discussing how energy efficiency was better than alternative fuels. We always say that Conservation is the Best Energy Source and others agree- the Germans are going after terawatts; in Vermont the utilities fund it and in New York Governor Spitzer is commited to reducing electrical demand by 15%. "Efficiency is the steak," said Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club. "Renewables are the sizzle."

But it took Dave Roberts at Grist to note the juxtaposition of the two articles and say "Those of you with strong stomachs will want to marvel at the contrast between two New York Times stories out today. Marvel ... and tear your fracking hair out" and conclude:There's your civics lesson from today's NYT, kids:

* Energy efficiency: a financial boon and a cheap, fast way to reduce carbon emissions. But: no big industry lobby. Thus: ignored by the feds.

* CTL: a financial boondoggle with few energy security benefits that will aggravate climate change. But: big industry lobby. Thus: plied with billions in taxpayer subsidies.

Looking for something to chat about with your Congressional representative? This seems like a good place to start. ::New York Times and David Roberts in ::Grist

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