Procter & Gamble Builds a Wind Turbine at its Coevorden Plant (Video)

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Good Start, But Don't Stop There
Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837, and since then it has grown to a market cap of over 180 billion dollars by making mostly consumer good, a lot of them of the disposable kind (paper towels, razor blades, diapers, etc). It's certainly not the greenest company, but it's not the worst either, and in this post, I want to take the "carrot" approach rather than the "stick". Let's look at a good thing that P&G; just did and encourage them to go much further...

The company built a wind turbine at its Coevorden plant in the Netherlands and installed solar panels at its Beauty & Grooming plant in Cologne, Germany. The video above shows the construction of the wind turbine, saying that P&G; "long term vision" is to go "100% renewable energy".

Switch "Long-Term" for "Short-Term"
How about making that a short-term plan? Instead of making enough wind power capacity to produce 17% of a plant's needs, how about 100% for that plant, and then moving on to the next one, and so on. How about making fewer disposable products and using greener chemicals in your soaps, implementing zero-waste policies in your factories, etc..? Now that's a powerful vision that would position P&G; for the next 200 years. They certainly have the cash to do it, and it would mostly be a one-time investment (the wind and sun are free, after all).

You have to aim higher than this, P&G.;

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