President's Scheduling Staff Suffer TreeHugger Alien Invasion
Never would I have imagined that President Bush would seek a photo-opportunity at a biodiesel plant. But from CNN we have the following report of a photo op from a few days ago: "Bush flew here (to West Point, Virginia), about 30 miles from Richmond, to visit a production facility for biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from soybeans that is cleaner-burning and American-made, but carries a higher price tag that regular diesel fuel. It is often blended with conventional transportation fuels as an extender".


Local papers reported that "before his speech, the president got a demonstration of how biodiesel is made -- and how cleanly it burns in an engine. Bush was given a white handkerchief that had been held on an exhaust pipe of a revved-up 18-wheeler, and deemed it clean enough to hold up to his nose....President Bush touted biodiesel as an option to help reduce dependence on foreign oil, saying "...we must develop promising new sources of energy, such as hydrogen, ethanol or biodiesel." This show of support comes as the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), the American Soybean Association and others call for passage of a Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and an extension of the biodiesel tax incentive"".

A few days later Presdident said America should help growing fuel consumers like China and India use energy more efficiently in order to reduce the global demand for oil. Explaining further he said, "...we must be better conservers of energy. And we can use technology in a wise way to encourage conservation.

Biodiesel? Helping developing nations reduce demand for oil? Conservation a domestic priority? Could the President have been reading TreeHugger? Nah. Must have been an alien invasion of Whitehouse event planners.


Based on previous experience, what you'd expect is something a bit more like this.

But if those aliens go undetected, maybe next we'll be hearing about the need for more bicycle paths. We can dream right?

by: John Laumer