prAna to Offset Retailers' Emissions

Treehugger cited Prana last year as a promising maker of comfy clothes that include organics and recycled plastics. Now it seems Prana has taken things to the next level by announcing its Natural Power Initiative, a program that will begin offsetting energy consumption with the use of Green-e renewable energy certificates (see our post on How To Get Green Power). The company will start with its retailers by purchasing credits equal to the energy consumed by roughly 250 stores--some 6 million kWh. Stores that participate will be able to put a sign in the window stating that "100% of this store's energy use is offset by certified Green-e wind generated power." Prana will purchase the EPA certified Green-e certificates from 3 Phases Energy Services as a way of reducing the ecological footprint of the company. They have also made an ambitious future commitment to offset the consumption of all production in the U.S. and abroad, all 1000 retailers, Prana company HQ, and the homes of its employees. :: Prana