Power and Fresh Water From the Deep Ocean

John Craven, and his company Common Heritage Corporation (CHC) plan to produce "sustainable" power and fresh water by drawing water up from the deep ocean. The project is intended to provide electricty, water and food for a new residential and commercial development on Saipan, the largest of the Marianas Islands in the Pacific. CHC plans to sink a 24" pipe down 3000 feet to pump the seawater to the island's surface. It also plans to build 100 townhouses, a golf course and other resort-style facilities on Saipan. The island is a popular destination for Japanese tourists. But Saipan has limited freshwater and must import all of its food and oil.

Some might question the sustainability of the ambitious venture, due to the disruption of habitat that laying the pipe may cause. The technical details of the plan are described here.

:: Common Heritage Corporation via Wired

[by Justin Thomas]