Postal Service Cuts Energy Bill


The U.S. Postal Service recently celebrated the completion of two hybrid alternative power plants that, with the help of additional energy efficiency measures, are expected to cut power purchases in half at two of the Postal Service's largest facilities in California. The new power plants combine solar technologies and hydrogen-fuel-cell generation, and energy efficiency retrofits will help achieve significant energy savings. An initiative of the Postal Service's Shared Energy Savings (SES) program that provides alternative means to fund energy projects, the improvements will lower annual electricity purchases by $1.2 million, or 10 million kilowatt-hours, a 46 percent reduction. In total, these improvements will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 6,600 tons annually. According to Mike Fanning, acting manager of Environmental Management Policy, the Postal Service will expand the SES program to all 50 states by the end of February. "Our national energy program also includes utility-invoice analysis and renewable and alternative fuel vehicles, including electric hybrids and those than run on hydrogen, natural gas, and ethanol." Sustainable mail delivery; who knew? ::USPS press release via tipster Andrew and ::Happy News