Portland's Green Microgym Channels Human Exercise Power Into Electricity

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We've covered gyms that harvest power from human exertion in Hong Kong, where California Fitness, a wholly owned subsidiary of the 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide chain, has installed cardio machines that help light the facility.

Now a gym in Portland, Oregon is taking the green gym philosophy one step further by incorporating an environmental ethic into the whole business plan. First off, the Green Microgym generates as much as 40 percent of its own electricity from solar panels and exercise machines like stationary bikes.

Gym owner Adam Boesel recently demonstrated for the Los Angeles Times the Human Dynamo, an exercise machine consisting of four spin bikes attached to a small generator. While pedaling one of the bikes and turning an arm crank that strengthens the upper body, a digital readout showed the amount of watts Boesel's produced. The Human Dynamo system can produce 200 watts to 600 watts of energy an hour, depending on whether all four bikes are in use. In addition to the power-generating machines, the gym also has energy-efficient SportsArt EcoPowr treadmills with self-regulating, brushless motor drive systems that run on one third less energy than traditional motors. The gym will conserve energy by switching off most machines when not in use. And the green has several other green accolades, listed in its Fifteen ways our gym is green page. Boesel is also available for one-on-one consultation for greening gyms. :: Via Los Angeles Times

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Portland's Green Microgym Channels Human Exercise Power Into Electricity
Now a gym in Portland, Oregon

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