Popular Science Does Alternative Energy


Popular Science has put together a special segment on energy alternatives, subtitled "10 Steps To End America’s Fossil-Fuel Addiction." Most of the ideas listed have common-sense merits, while some are perhaps new to most Americans. Several have been covered before on TreeHugger. There's a meta-story about this PopSci segment that we'd like to focus on. When Popular Science talks about energy so engagingly and constructively, its a signal that everyday people "get it" better than the People's House does. Indeed, the PopSci technology roster (samples listed below the fold) is more comprehensive than any Federal bill, passed or proposed. Add to that other evidence we've seen of popular sentiment, and it's looking like America's "mental brownout" is passing. Because of the complex layout on the Popsci web site, hardcopy would probably be best for a serious text read, with the notable exception of terrific interactive global map, (as pictured above).Samples:

* Step 1: Harness the Wind
Turbines are getting stronger, lighter, bigger

* Step 2: End Gridlock
Make power where we use it

* Step 3: Rev Up Our Hybrid Rides
Ultralight parts and a plug could double America's mileage

* Step 4: Brew Better Ethanol
With a little help from our termite friends

* Step 5: Switch on the Sun Lamp

Via: BoingBoing