Poo Power To Provide 25% of US Forest Service's Electricity

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While we’ve covered both consumer green energy programs and the animal waste-to-electricity projects a number of times, this is the first combination of them that I’ve seen. And I can thank action by the US Forest Service for bringing it to my attention.

The Forest Service has announced that it will be offsetting 25% of its electricity usage through payments made to the Vermont-based CVPS Cow Power. Cow Power receives a $0.04 premium for each kilowatt-hour of electricity offset; which means that the Forest Service’s electric bill with be $2100 higher next year.

The Cow Power program works pretty much like any other consumer green energy program:Poo Power For Consumers

For every kilowatt-hour requested by customers and provided by a Vermont farm, CVPS will pay the farmer the market price for energy plus the Cow Power charge of 4 cents for the environmental benefits of the generation.  If not enough kilowatt-hours are available from participating CVPS farms, CVPS will attempt to acquire and retire Renewable Energy Certificates from other regional renewable generation, issued by the regional system operator, to support renewable generation in a broader sense.  If no certificates are available in the regional market for 4 cents per kWh or less, the company will deposit Cow Power payments into the CVPS Renewable Development Fund.  This fund, overseen by an independent board, will provide incentives to farmers to stimulate further renewable farm generation in the CVPS service area.  CVPS will not profit from the program.

More information on how you can enroll visit: CVPS Cow Power
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