Poo Power Expands: Vancouver-area Sewage Treatment Plant to Produce Biogas

wastewater at a sewage treatment plant photo

In that wastewater is a plentiful potential energy source. At least that's what some companies are hoping for. Photo by JL Johnson.

Waste-to-energy projects seem to be popping up more and more: A number of cities are experimenting with either waste-to-ethanol, waste gasification, or waste-to-electricity facilities. A recent report regaled us with the details of how cow manure could provide up to 3% of US electricity generation.

Some areas have investigated the power hidden in human excrement: A new project outside of Vancouver, British Columbia is one such facility hoping that poo power can displace at least a portion of fossil fuels. There's not too much solid on this one yet, in terms of actual performance, but here are the details:Human Waste-to-Biogas Pilot Project
The Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant Biomethane Project, is a pilot project being developed by Terasen Gas, QuestAir Technologies and Metro Vancouver which will produce biogas from from human waste and pump into into the area's natural gas distribution system. This will be the first human waste-to-energy facility in British Columbia.

The $1.1 million project is expected to "provide enough energy for 100 homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 500 tonnes each year," according to Terasen's press release. The project is expected to operational by July 2009.

With this sort of project on the increase, I may have to do something which I thought I had safely left behind in grade school: Brush up on my toilet humor.

via :: Terasen, :: EcoGeek, and :: The Vancouver Sun
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