Plastic & Steel Funnel Increases Wind Turbine Output 30%

wind energizer image

image: Leviathan Energy

It's very much true that most new developments in wind turbines have to do with tweaking the mechanics of turbine itself. Not so with the Wind Energizer from Leviathan Energy:Structure Directs Wind Towards Turbine Blades
The idea is that by placing site-specific structures at the bases of the turbines you can shape the flow of air in the vicinity of the turbine so that the highest velocities get targeted at the blades. The shape and size is determined by the location, but initial testing indicates that increased of output of 15-30% is possible, and in areas of low wind speed increases of up to 150% are possible. Decreased maintenance and increased turbine life, due to better balancing of the velocity load and shearing forces on the blades, is also touted.

So far though testing has only been done on smaller scale wind turbines (3-meter blades), so how this would work on commercial-scale turbines is certainly a question. How big would the base structure have to be to meaningfully increase air velocity on such a larger scale?

via: Cleantechnica
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