Plankton Power to Build Algae Biofuel Facility on Cape Cod

plankton power photo

photo: Plankton Power

In about a year Cape Cod will have its first algae biofuel facility. Plankton Power and the Regional Technology Development Corp. have announced that they have formed a public-private consortium to build a pilot-scale biorefinery at the Massachusetts Military Reservation in Bourne:Provided regulatory review goes well, by autumn of 2010 the Cape Cod Algae Biorefinery is expected to begin production, with up to 1 million gallons of algae biodiesel to be produced initially. If the commercial operations prove viable, the consortium hopes to be able to produce 100 million gallons per year -- enough to supply 5% of Massachusetts diesel and home heating oil demand.

Construction costs for the facility are projected to be $20 million, $4 million of which coming from private funding.

In addition to Plankton Power and the RTDC, the partners in the consortium are as follows: Massachusetts National Guard, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Biological Laboratory, and the Cape Cod Commission.

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