Philips Light Blossom: Solar and Wind Powered Streetlight


Yes, it’s another solar-and-wind-powered street light. We’ve seen them before, some a little more crazy looking than others. But this one looked pretty darn cool, and has some extra efficient features, so we had to show you.

Read on for details and video footage. Philips has created a concept light for using wind and solar energy to power street lights, called the Light Blossom. But there’s a twist.

During the day, the petals open to reveal solar panels that suck up light, tracking the sun across the sky throughout the day.

On days when the sun is nowhere to be seen, the petals turn upward to create a vertical wind turbine shape. The wind can then rotate the petals to generate the energy needed to power the streetlight.

The LED lights around the base of the structure glow more brightly when it senses people are around, but when all is quiet, it dims down to save energy and prevent light pollution.

From the press release:

Today, over half of the world’s population lives in cities. For the first time ever, more people live in urban areas than outside them. And although cities make up less than 5% of the Earth’s surface, they use up to 75% of its resources...The future challenge is to create greener cities. Currently, the energy demand from cities is expected to double by 2030. So why not create energy efficient lighting solutions that, thanks to their outdoor presence, can harness renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, two energy sources that surround the light daily?

More efficient lighting is definitely on its way, and to see something as interesting and creative as this is a big bonus of our changing times.

Check out some video on the light:

Via Press Release
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