Performance Bicycle Rides With the Wind


Heaps of cyclists take pride in wearing T-shirts proclaiming ‘One Less Car’ as they ride around their respective cities. Performance Bicycle, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, decided to take the concept one step further. They moved to take the equivalent of 618 cars off the road each year, by being the first national sports retailer in the U.S. to use renewable energy, via Renewable Choice, to exclusively power its [60] stores, corporate headquarters, distribution centers and call centre. To equal 100% of their electricity use they will, each year, purchase over 5,087,260 kWh of renewable energy credits. The US EPA who manage the Green Power Partnership, which Performance Bicycle has signed up to, have told them their decision will reduce over 7 million pounds (3.175 tonnes) of carbon dioxide emission annually. If their customers also opt for wind power renewable energy credits for their own homes, then Performance Bicycle will issue them with free Gift Cards. ::Performance Bicycle, via tip from Sarah E.(The company also has some surprising stats on the environmental benefits of cycling, but they deserve a separate post of their own.)