Pedal Powered Prime Mover - DIY Electricity


Couch Potatoes of the world rise up! (Or at least reach for the remote.) Your nemesis nears. David Butcher is an over 50 year old who has your lazy days in his sights. David has constructed what he labels the 'Pedal Powered Prime Mover', and uses it to power all manner of appliances, including the venerable TV. No more loafing about on the sofa watching the tube. David is offering plans, so you can build your own power generator. Got a screwdriver, hacksaw, wrench, hand drill, and wood chisel, plus a spare day? Perfect. A bit of galvanised water pipe, and some particleboard later, you'll soon be consuming both The Simpsons and calories. David lost 8 lbs over 5 months, pedal powering his own needs. The trick to his design is the huge timber disc, which acts as a flywheel "creating torque where human legs/pedals cannot generate any." Curious? Of course you are. David's site is packed full of facts and figures, so get off the lounge and go have a peek. ::Pedal Powered Prime Mover