Peak Grease: Restaurant Thefts Rise

pizza shop owner robbed of grease photo

Pizzaria owner had his fryer oil stolen. New York Times

The Times picks up a story Mike covered earlier: People are stealing fryer grease to make biofuel. This pizza shop owner has been hit seven times and is installing video cameras.

The Times notes that processed fryer oil, which is called yellow grease, is actually not trash. The grease is traded on the booming commodities market. Its value has increased in recent months to historic highs, driven by the even higher prices of gas and ethanol, making it an ever more popular form of biodiesel to fuel cars and trucks.In 2000, yellow grease was trading for 7.6 cents per pound. On Thursday, its price was about 33 cents a pound, or almost $2.50 a gallon.::New York Times

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