Paris Plans Hydropower Turbines Under Four Seine Bridges

pont au change paris photo

photo: Jean-François Gornet via flickr

At the opposite end of the population scale from the remote Alaskan village now powered entirely by a hydrokinetic river turbine, Paris wants in on the hydropower without dams act. As The Guardian reports, the City of Light wants a small number of those lights to be power by the Seine and has opened up bidding for developers to place river turbines (hydroliennes en français) under several bridges, with installation to be completed by next spring. Paris deputy mayor, Denis Baupin said the slight increase in current speed under Pont du Garigliano, Pont de la Tournelle, Pont Marie, and Pont au Change favored these locations, with two turbines to be placed at each.

Educational Aspect to Trump Electrical Generation
Considering the modest output of a single river turbine, as Baupin also noted, the best goal here is to raise awareness of the renewable energy potential all around us, rather than displacing large amounts (or really even moderate amounts) of Paris' electricity demand.

Baupin again:

We're not expecting the moon and the stars with these techniques, but the educational aspect of these experiments is just as important. Vélib has made Parisians realize they can use cycles in the city, and these renewable energy schemes will make them aware of the need to watch what they consume.

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