Packing Heat: The Firepower of the Lowly Caulk Gun

Good video; you have to watch a commercial first.

They should credit Van Jones for the title, but Wall Street Journal makes the point about efficiency that is so critical:

Marketers, politicians and consumers like to imagine a world of solar panels, wind turbines and cars fueled by wood chips. But none of that gadgetry packs the here-and-now punch of a decades-old option: plugging leaky homes with a caulk gun.

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Jeffery Ball gets to the nub of the problem:

Homes are embarrassingly inefficient. They consume 21% of all energy used in the U.S., according to federal figures. That's more than cars, or planes, or offices. Yet studies say U.S. homes commonly waste 30% of the energy they use. About one-third of that energy loss could be stopped by such simple moves as caulking and insulating.

Building new houses that are more energy-efficient would make sense. But the bigger problem is the houses that exist today. Some 115 million homes exist in the U.S., and less than one million more are built every year. The federal government says that existing homes consume about 90% of the amount of energy that will be used by the country's housing stock in 2030.

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