Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Deepwater Wind Farm coming to Scotland


Now who could complain about such a pretty picture. Yet NIMBY is the response to every new wind farm, and DOWNVInD (Distant Offshore Windfarms with No Visual Impact iN Deepwater- now they had to work hard to come up with that!) may be the answer- make'em big and put them so far out to sea that nobody can see. Canadian oil driller Talisman Energy is building two monster 5 megawatt turbines in its Beatrice oil field as a demonstration project, to test the technology for planting turbines in 150 feet of water, and we suppose, see who complains. Curiously, the power will be used to pump oil out of the declining field- at some point it takes more energy to get the oil out then you actually get from it. By using wind power, Talisman expects to extend the life of the field by 10 years. There is something truly ironic in using wind turbines to pump oil, but then again so is going DOWNVInD to pander to NIMBYs. ::Beatrice WInd Farm also ::DOWNVInD