Ottawa To Investigate Snow-Powered Air Conditioning's Potential

ottawa snowy sidewalk photo

photo: David Carroll

A couple weeks ago we heard that New Chitose Airport, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido plans on using snow, kept cool throughout the summer under insulating materials, to chill the airport’s cooling system in the summer. Such a system would provide up to 30% of the airport’s cooling energy. Now the city of Ottawa, Canada is investigating something similar:Snow Kept Frozen Under Wood Chips
According to CBC News Hydro Ottawa will be investigating the potential application of using snow collected from city streets and kept frozen under insulating materials (potentially wood chips) to cool Ottawa’s hospitals, universities and government buildings.

Few details on how much implementing such a system would cost, or potentially how much energy could be saved by using snow melt-water in air cooling systems; but the cost to collect the 400 cm (13 feet) of snow which fell upon the city last winter ran to CDN$ 88 million (US$ 71 million).

via: CBC News
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