One Block Off the Grid Merges With Pure Energies

Installing solar panelsRichard Masoner/CC BY 2.0

More change in the solar power market: One of the perennial faces on the green scene, offering a way for homeowners to band together to get better deals on solar power, is no more. Well, merged and morphed at least.

One Block Off the Grid has been purchased by Toronto-based Pure Energies Group.

Noting that 1BOG will now be focusing more on enabling comparison shopping for homeowners looking to install solar power rather than groups deals, 1BOG founder Dave Llorens said via press release,
We want to give homeowners the best deal possible, by having all the best options in any given geography, and offering the fastest and most painless online sales process you can get. Becoming part of Pure Energies lets us do that faster, better, and in more places.

Under the new arrangement, 1BOG will "screen and select providers that offer the best price points and the highest level of consumer satisfaction."

Well, only time will tell how well the change will actually enable more people to install solar power, however, it may be small, but I have to say Pure Energies is an easier name to recognize than 1BOG...

One Block Off the Grid Merges With Pure Energies
Rather than focusing on getting group deals for homeowners on solar power, now 1BOG will shift to enabling better solar power comparison shopping.

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