On Every Corner: David Suzuki for Powerwise


I can think of a few global warming deniers at the National Post who must hate to drive across town right now; every billboard in the city has David Suzuki levitating a CFL and encouraging us to go to Powerwise.ca. It is a website set up by our desperate provincial government that has nukes closed for repair, coal fired plants that it has promised to close, and crumbling transmission infrastructure. When all else fails, drag out David and get him to convince us to turn out the lights. There are some good ideas in the energy conservation tips, and the silly powerWISE house gimmick (of course, a suburban ranch on a hundred foot lot) is fun, but ultimately a website is not going to compensate for years of mismanagement and neglect. We need courageous changes to planning and building regulations and real incentives for conservation, not billboards of David on every corner. ::PowerWISE

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