Oil Lobby "Hopes Bad Times Chase Away Green Blues"

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Above is what they say on their website, but in interview in the National Post, the new head of the oil sands producers' lobby Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers sings a different tune. New CAPP head Dave Collier thinks the United States will likely soften its stance on environmental issues tied to the much-criticized oil and gas industry as that country faces tough economic times.

"Our experience has been when there are significant economic challenges, as there are particularly in the U. S. at the moment, the environment tends to be a somewhat lower priority in the minds of voters and probably then in the minds of policy-makers," Mr. Collyer said in an interview.

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Dave Collier

"The interplay between the economic challenges and the environment will be interesting post-election, particularly in the U.S. given the economic challenges and the current uncertainty in the financial markets that they face."

Carrie Tait writes in the Post:

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has also said he wants to wean the United States off "dirty, dwindling and expensive oil." Mayors of large U. S. cities have also pointed to Alberta's oil sands as a major factor in global warming.

But the economy could trump the environment. "People are concerned about their jobs and their own economic well-being" as the U. S. economy struggles, Mr. Collyer said. "The environmental side of the equation becomes more discretionary ... During the period of tough economic challenges, the environment tends to slide down the list a little bit."

Unfortunately, I think he is right. ::National Post
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