Offshore Windpower Will Rule


The US, which has so far lagged Europe by several years in the addition of offshore wind farms, will eventually be focused on offshore wind farms as well. Here's the example.

"...a new Dutch wind farm is being built so far out to sea that it is barely visible on the horizon, reducing the visual impact of its 60 turbines to virtually nil while at the same time harnessing higher offshore wind speeds."

"Offshore wind farms are likely to appear more and more frequently off European coastlines as governments seek to increase their use of renewable energy without angering their citizens by placing giant turbines on their doorsteps.""The €383-million ($549-million Canadian) Q7 wind park development, 23 kilometres from the Dutch North Sea coast, is the farthest offshore wind park anywhere in the world, and its developers Econcern and Eneco Energie say a further five to 10 such wind parks will likely follow in the next few years..."Most campaigns against turbines are based around the noise and the visual impact, and these have been reduced by going offshore. It is more expensive to do it here than to do it on land, but we have all agreed we don't have enough space on land," Mr. van Hemert said."

The best spots for offshore wind farms in the US will be outside of the marine coastal zone which is vulnerable to tropical storm damage. And, of course, the Great Lakes.

Via:: The Globe And Mail, "Dutch adding more wind turbines" Image credit:: Victoria Lodging, "Monster Wave"

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