Offshore Wind Power Group Promotes Interstate Collaboration to Jumpstart US Development

offshore wind turbine

photo: Andy S-D via flickr

Let's face it, the US seriously lags behind Europe in terms of offshore wind farms...way behind. Which makes the New York Times piece on the US Offshore Wind Collaborative all the more interesting. The idea is to develop greater cooperation among states to really develop a complete offshore wind power industry in the US, rather than just plans for individual wind farms:The idea is to develop shared facilities such a manufacturing "headquarters" and maintenance stations, as well as greater cooperation in developing new transmission infrastructure and everything else needed to really get the US into the offshore wind power game.

Though the idea of creating such an collaborative organization have been floating about since 2004, the time really seems right to bring the notion of inter-state cooperation to the fore -- fairly recently the Department of Interior outlined its leasing rules for offshore wind power developers.

Goal is Education Not Project Endorsement
The organization, whose non-profit status is in the works, won't endorse specific projects, but instead will act as a central location for wind power developers and manufacturers to find all the latest regulations, projects, legislation, etc. that are relevant to the offshore wind power industry.

Currently, by their own admittance their website is a work in progress, but there is already some useful info available. Such as an interactive map to check on the status of offshore wind power projects in various US states.

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