Obvious Feedback Loop: Global Warming Could Threaten U.S. Oil Output


The oil storage tanks of a Port Arthur refinery in Texas are surrounded by flood waters caused by Hurricane Rita September 27, 2005.

Well, duh. A new report from scientists in the Energy Department suggests that global warming may produce stronger hurricanes that could disrupt U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and damage ports and pipelines along the coast that move fuel supplies.

"Increases in storm intensity could threaten further (energy supply) disruptions of the sorts experienced in 2005," the report said. In addition to seasonal damage from stronger storms, rising sea levels due to global warming permanently threatens many oil refineries, liquefied natural gas terminals and coal import and export facilities located along the U.S. coasts.

So the faster we burn the oil, the faster the global warming, and the more quickly we run out of oil as we drown out our processing facilities. Why not burn less and solve both problems? ::Reuters

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