NYC Sewage Treatment Plants Embracing the Power of Poo

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A small section of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection's latest press release has some interesting news for clean energy: Under the sustainability section of their strategic plan DEP plans on developing 30-50 MW of clean energy at their facilities through public-private partnerships.

That can come through wind, water and solar power and, according to New York Times, through poo power. In fact, turning sewage into electricity is one of the most promising sources:

About half of the methane produced by the city's plants is already used to meet about 20 percent of the energy demands of the city's 14 sewage plants, whose electric bills run to a total of about $50 million a year. Now the city wants to market the other half, which is burned off and wasted. Through a partnership with National Grid that is already in the works, officials said, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is expected to add enough methane gas to the city's natural gas network next year to heat 2,500 homes.

via: New York Times
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