Not For Vertigo Sufferers...

The easy listening soundtrack to this video will do nothing to calm those of you with vertigo. Wind farms are tall, really tall.

Pepijn blogged, over at MyFavouritePlaces, his trip to the top of a new wind park that was opening in Baburen (Holland). He tells us that five existing 600kw turbines have been replaced with six new 1.3mw plants. If you're wondering why they replaced, rather than added to, the existing turbines, it's because they're being shipped to Poland for installation.

If you're wondering why they're being moved, then that makes two of us. Surely it would make more sense to leave them where they are? Even if Poland wants to gain the green power, then they could trade power across borders. Lots of energy companies do this anyway, and the effort, cost and emissions incurred in moving those enormous machines must be huge. ::MyFavouritePlaces

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