Norway announces Europe's largest onshore wind project

Wind turbine
Public Domain National Renewable Energy Laboratory photo

From gigantic floating wind turbines to combining wind and hydro for large-scale energy storage, Norway has already taken bold steps to promote wind energy as a renewable resource.

Now Business Green reports that the country, which just happens to be a major producer of oil too, is making a huge new commitment to wind energy—announcing plans for a gigantic 1GW network of onshore wind farms in the center of the country. This project, which will consist of 6 separate interconnected wind farms, is located in one of the prime spots for wind energy anywhere in Europe and, when complete, will double Norway's existing wind energy capacity.

It's a huge step forward for wind power, in a country which already boasts low carbon electricity thanks to its unparalleled hydro-power resources. It's also significant in terms of carbon emissions because Norway has been a leader in electric car sales for years. While naysayers may (incorrectly) complain about dirty coal-fired electric cars in the US, those criticisms become almost entirely moot when they are powered by wind and hydro in the frigid North.

If you add this new announcement to Norway's recent decision to divest from coal and tar sands operations, the country is beginning to look like a significant leader in the fight against climate change... for a major oil producing nation, at least.

Norway announces Europe's largest onshore wind project
Coming in at over 1GW of capacity, this new project will single-handedly double Norway's wind energy output.

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