No Money Down Solar Lease Program Announced in Connecticut

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photo: Solar Connecticut

Kitting out your home with a solar power system just got a bit easier in the state of Connecticut. Under the Connecticut Solar Lease Program, qualifying low and moderate-income homeowners—those people whose household incomes is less than or equal to 150% of the median income for their area and with good credit—will be able to obtain state assistance to install solar PV systems.

Qualifying Income Level Varies Widely
In the state capitol, Hartford, for example if your household income for a family of four is less than $121,650 you would be able to install a complete solar PV system with no money down. At either end of the spectrum, a family of four in Stamford or Norwalk would be eligible if their income is under $176,700, while in Waterbury the cutoff point is $95,550. The monthly payment for a typical system is expected to be less than $120 per month.
There are other qualifications regarding eligible equipment, who installs it, and reporting data to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund for the first two years after installation. More information, including an online application form is available at the Connecticut Solar Lease website.

According to CCEF, a total of $38.6 million will be invested and it is hoped that 1,000 homeowners will be taking advantage of the program over the next three years.

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