Newcastle Geothermal Project to Heat City Center

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Image credit: Marion O'Sullivan, used under Creative Commons license.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has already been named Britain's greenest city. But that reputation looks set to be cemented as the city begins drilling for geothermal energy in the form of hot water that it will use to heat its new 24-acre Science Centre, as well as a mall and hundreds of shops in the city center.

According to The Guardian, drilling for the Newcastle geothermal project has already begun and there is a current expected completion date of early June. The idea is to help heat the newly built science center, as well as a whole host of city-center shops:

"The £900,000 project is confident of pumping out enough steady supplies to heat the 24-acre Science Centre, which has replaced the brewery, and large parts of the city centre. Newcastle's main shopping mall, Eldon Square, is expected to be an early customer, using the recirculated water to heat 140 shops."

If goes without saying that flagship projects like these have an impact way beyond their actual carbon savings. With each city that steps up and explores clean energy with ambition and drive, it starts to feel that little bit more likely that the case for a green economy really is inevitable. Let's just hope that this geothermal project doesn't trigger an earthquake.

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