New Yorkers, Switch to Green Power With Just Three Mouse Clicks

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image: NRDC

We've been saying for a while that signing up for green power with your utility is one of the easiest steps to take to support renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Well, for New Yorkers at least, it just got even easier. NRDC and the Alliance for Clean Energy New York have partnered to launch Green Power NYC:Residential and small business electric customers choose their renewable technology, either all wind power or a blend of wind and small-scale hydro. Fill in their contact information and then can start supporting green power right away.

At the moment your options via this site are through ConEd Solutions or Sterling Planet -- so it's not like it's that difficult to sort those out for yourself, but providing a one-stop portal to sign up for green power is something that is sorely needed throughout the United States.

In touting the site launch Sterling Planet president and CEO Mel Jones said,

For daily pocket change, New Yorkers can now 'renew' their electricity using homegrown energy that makes it easy to enjoy modern comforts today without potentially compromising the lifestyles of future generations.

How much pocket change are we talking about? One to 2.5 cents more per kilowatt hour of electricity, depending on your options. That's about 30 cents per day at the high end for the average New York electricity customer.

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