New York Times on Carbon Offsets

From the New York Times: "Two years ago, Sami Grover, an environmentally minded Englishman, [and TreeHugger contributor] vowed to take his last trip by airplane. Then a summer romance in North Carolina turned into a long-distance love affair — and then into months of busy trans-Atlantic travel.

To compensate for the tons of greenhouse gases the couple's plane trips helped spew into the atmosphere, Mr. Grover quietly began paying Climate Care, a British company, to help make the world a little greener for him and his girlfriend.

"I didn't want her to think I was some kind of eco-fascist," said Mr. Grover, 28. "I did it for her flights, too, but I did it in secret."

Climate Care, Sami's chosen offsetting company, used its offsetting income to purchase and distribute tens of thousands of low-energy fluorescent lights in South African townships.

The article goes on to describe how carbon offsets can get silly- if you buy a Land Rover you get free offsets for your first 45,000 miles of driving. "in that way, the program may actually help sell "larger cars with higher emissions" and thus contribute more to global warming, according to Mary Taylor, a campaigner with the energy and climate team at Friends of the Earth.

Read more about TreeHugger contributor Sami Grover's offsetting escapades in ::New York Times

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