New York State to Investigate Offshore Wind Farms in Great Lakes

lake erie photo

photo: Matt via flickr

Michigan has on more than one occasion touted the untapped wind power resource of the Great Lakes, and now New York is getting in on the act as well. On Earth Day, the New York Power Authority announced a Request for Expressions of Interest for development of offshore wind power projects in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario:The RFEI process will allow NYPA to determine feasibility of developing wind power on these lakes, though assessment of environmental, economic development, technical, operational, socio-economic, and financial data. The deadline for these proposals is June 15, 2009.

The maximum size of any proposed wind farm on the lakes would be 120 megawatts.

This is just a first step in what is bound to be a long road in developing this wind power potential. The US still doesn't have a single functioning offshore wind farm (though more development plans are cropping up every month) and to my knowledge there are no offshore wind farms in freshwater, anywhere.

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